Guilt in Macbeth by William Shakespeare Essay examples

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Everyone deals with guilt at least one time throughout their life, and several authors use guilt to help build up suspense in their story. Guilt in Macbeth not only affects his mental state of mind, but it also destroys him physically, along with a few other characters such as Lady Macbeth. The characters are affected by guilt so much, that it actually leads to their death essentially, just because they were not able to handle the consequences for the events that occurred. Despite being destroyed by guilt, they were still forced to carry on with their lives and they did have to try to hide it, even though Macbeth was not doing so well with that. His hallucinations were giving him up and eventually everyone knew the he had murdered Duncan so he could become the next king.
First, some may ask the question “What is guilt?” Easily enough, guilt is the feeling one has after doing something that has a bad consequence. Guilt can easily push a person into doing actions that they didn't even think they were capable of, causing depression or large amounts of anger and sadness (Guilt). Being a main theme throughout Macbeth, guilt does provide a big problem when Macbeth murdered Duncan, and it also reveals that Macbeth is the protagonist (The Theme of Guilt). Guilt manipulates Macbeth and Lady Macbeth throughout the whole play, which eventually leads to the suicide of Lady Macbeth and makes Macbeth go crazy. It began when Macbeth murdered the king, Duncan, so he was able to become…