Guinea Dog Research Paper

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The love one has for animals begins at a young age. The typical American family adds a furry friend, most often a puppy, for the children to grow older with. As the children and dog grow older, an unconditional love develops; after coming home from school the dog will always be there to greet the kids with its tail wagging enthusiastically and smiling from ear to ear. As much as I wanted to have a life growing up with a puppy, this was not the case for me.
My family has never been the family to own any pets because of our busy schedules and I had a hard time facing this reality because having a dog has been a lifelong goal of mine since I was a young boy. Generally when asking for something repeatedly, your parents give in and buy it for
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I choose to go to the pet store and I tried my luck by asking my mom if I could have a guinea pig. Surprisingly, she agreed to letting me have a guinea pig under a few conditions - she is not responsible for paying for any of his food, cage, medical needs, and she will not watch him for me. I did not know much about guinea pigs, but I read about them to get an understanding. I agreed, immediately, without a thorough idea of anything she told me because this was my first pet, it he belonged to me. I named my new furry friend, Spike and from day one he was a big responsibility in my life. I woke up regularly to the sound of a high pitched squeal, a sign he was hungry and another sign I had to get up and feed him. For the first time in my life, I was solely responsible for the well-being of another life; a quite scary feeling. When the time came to go off to college, Spike came with me. My mom was actually serious when she said she would not look after Spike for me. Spike stayed with me during my first year of college and passed away on the first day of my second year. I enjoyed the time spent with him because he was my first ‘official’ pet and I learned how to be more responsible, budget money in order to buy his food, and think of someone other than myself. Spike brought comfort while being in an unfamiliar territory and he lived his purpose to get me where I…show more content…
Lexington, Kentucky is considered the horse capital of the world, furthermore the Kentucky Horse Park, Keeneland, and an abundance of horse farms are in close proximity, it would be an ideal choice to attend the University of Kentucky to obtain more hands on experience in different fields of the horse industry. Currently attending Morehead State University, roughly 60 miles from Lexington, I have frequently visited graduate school faculty whom have been essential in my choice of attending the school. I first established communication with Dr. Quentin Tyler, Assistant Dean and Director of Diversity for the College of Agriculture, via email and right away he was able to send me in the right direction of who I needed to speak with about attending the graduate school. I was able to arrange visits with Dr. Urschel and Dr. Lawrence in Equine Nutrition and they were able to answer many of my questions and if not, found someone to come answer my question. Persistence is a quality characteristic because, to me, it means someone is willing to find a solution when they might not know, instead of giving up and moving onto another topic. Dr. Harmon, Director of Graduate Studies, helped to give more specific information about admissions which the university website could not offer. He also recommended to apply for fellowships that
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