Guinea Pigs: A Personal Narrative Of My Life

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I have loved animals all my life, but I did not have a pet until I was four. For my fourth birthday, my family went to multiple pet stores to get a guinea pig. On our first stop, I saw a guinea pig with completely white fur. She had bulging brown eyes, and I knew that she was the one I wanted. After viewing multiple guinea pigs, we went back to the first pet store and picked up the guinea pig I wanted. They put her in a box and as soon as I got into the car I took her out and named her Snowflake. I played with her every day and I fed her because she was my responsibility. Our bond grew because I had to take care of her and I was constantly playing with her. As years passed, I stopped playing with her as much as I used to. She grew older and …show more content…

My family was worried that she would freeze during the winter and die. My dad thought she was going crazy because she did not come out of her cage that often, so I started to frequently play with her again. Snowflake grew back all the hair before it got cold, so I do believe she pulled out her own hair because she was bored. Afterward, she developed a large bump on the side of her head that she lived with for multiple years. My family thought it was a tumor and we were worried she was going to die soon. However, she lived with this large bump for multiple years, and she was still a lively guinea pig who always squeaked very loudly for attention. Therefore, our anxiety went away. Snowflake grew to be eight years old, which is very old for a guinea pig. Suddenly she stopped squeaking and started to hit her bowl against the glass cage in order to get people to notice her. My family did not understand what was happening, but we soon realized that she could no longer squeak. In addition, she stopped eating her food and drinking her water. On the last day of her life, she laid down in her igloo and had rapid breaths. I sat next to her because I knew something was wrong. Occasionally she would twitch and I felt so bad for my guinea pig because I knew she was in pain. I left for an hour because it was too difficult to watch her …show more content…

When she died, all I could think about is our past and everything I regretted. I felt awful for not staying with her during her last moments because she had to die alone. In addition, I knew I missed out on my last chance to spend time with her. I also regretted not spending more time with her when she was alive. Snowflake’s death was the first experience I had with death, so it made me wonder how I would feel if other people in my life suddenly died. These thoughts made me even more emotional because I finally realized that death is real. I have no power to prevent it from happening, and everyone will eventually die since “all heaven’s gifts being heaven’ due” (Jonson). I wanted to hold her body for the last time for closure. When I picked her up, she felt very different. All her weight was on one side and she was very stiff. I did not expect her to feel any different, so I was horrified. I was so in shock that I could not even lift her body half way off the bottom of her cage. The next day my family decided to bury her, and I had to carry her outside. While I was carrying her I felt disgusted, and my response to carrying her body made me feel terrible because I loved my furry pet. When she was alive, I would have done anything for her because she was my pet and my responsibility. “I had seen it before, and even fed it,” but while I was carrying her I realized I could not even transport her with ease (Larkin). My dad

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