Guinnevere of the King Arthur Legends

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Guinevere of the King Arthur legends is called the daughter of King Leodegrance. (Britannia) In early Welsh tales she was said to be the daughter of a giant. (Senior 84) She is actually the daughter of a Roman Roman noble. (Britannia) Born in C.AD 490 . (Fords) Guinevere descended from a noble family of romans. (Lace 63) It is true that Guinevere is sexual, that she craves the love of a man who (unlike Arthur) has “A touch of earth.” (MaChan 200) She is also self-centered and small-minded. (MaChan 200) She is occasionally a political pawn in the hands of Modred, other knights, and even Arthur himself. (Guinevere) With the help of Lancelot, she escapes a number of predicaments, including kidnapping by Sir Meliaguant, burning at the stake, …show more content…
(Day 135) She deceived King Arthur with his most trusted knight. (Senior 84) Arthur’s queen, reputedly the most beautiful women in Britain, and the love of Lancelot, Arthurs best knight. (Guinevere) After the last battle in which Arthur and many others are killed, Lancelot comes to find her in Amesbury. (Guinevere)
She is frequently abducted in Romance, sometimes by King Melwas of Somerset, sometimes by Modred and sometimes by the marauding tribes from the north. (Britannia) It was heard Modred was shown forcing his way into Arthur’s court, dragging the queen from her throne and striking her. (Britannia) The incident may have been related to quarrels between Guinevere and her sister, Modred’s wife, Gwenawyfah. (Britannia) She appears in the Arthurian legends as the victim of abduction. (Fords) Her abduction is usually Sir Meleagant (earlier known as Sir Melwas) who takes her to his stronghold at Glastonbury. (Fords) Sir Lancelot with his allies together they defy the law of the land and ride to rescue Queen Guinevere from the execution flames. (Day 136) The evil Sir Modred had seized both Arthur’s crown and Queen Guinevere. (Day 136) She is abducted by Modred while Arthur is in Europe fighting the emperor of Rome. (Lace 63) She marries Modred “in violation of her first marriage.” (Lace 63)
For sleeping with Lancelot she is either
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