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Through the duration of the novel you get to see why Asher doesn’t like living in his new home and going to his new school. He meets a girl named Rosie that falls in love with him straight away. Rosie would follow Asher to the end of the world and back and that did not make it hard at all for when they ran away. Through this essay I will talk about why Asher and Rosie ran away, Why Asher is angry at the world, Was alienation a key theme of Guitar Highway Rose, why this book was called Guitar Highway Rose and If the book accurately portrayed the problems of growing up.

Asher was furious that his parents split up and what mad him even angrier was that his mum moved him away from his dad taking Asher with her. Asher got put in a school
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I do think that Asher has a right to be angry because of all of the things I just said then but mostly because he left his old life back in Byron Bay and he wants to get back to it.

Alienation isn’t a key theme of Guitar Highway Rose because in the novel nobody gets shoved aside or gets excluded from everyone except for Asher and his Malvina moving away from Nigel. One thing doesn’t make the whole book about alienation.

The book is about a girl called Rosie that wants to have some adventure in her life and a boy called Asher who plays the lonely blues on his guitar and wants to get away from everything in his new life so he runs away with Rosie down the highway. So I think that is why the book is called Guitar Highway Rose.

The book grasps all parts of growing up in a unstable environment, with the parents getting divorces, moving away from friends to go to a new school, the meeting of new friends the getting falsely accused of things you say you did not do but still get in trouble for, feeling like nobody likes you, feeling like running away and the lazy never wanting to get up out of bed mornings. The author, Bridget Lowry, Is trying to portray the problems of growing up and I think she succeeds in this novel. This novel is very exciting and adventurous I do recommend other students read this book
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