Guitar Meets the Piano

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It has been a long time since I have challenged myself to fulfill something out of my customary schedule. Bringing music closer into my life, would be something I would thank myself for in the future. I have been playing the guitar since I was twelve, and when I was younger my brother had taught me how to play the piano. However, I have had a piano sitting against a wall in my room, and it has now been four years since I have played it. So, for the past twenty one days, I have challenged myself to re-learn the piano. Throughout my process, I found many similarities and differences between learning how to play the guitar and learning how to play the piano. The first obstacle I encountered was trying to get access to the lessons. When I studied the guitar, I played by reading sheet music. It was difficult and it acquired a lot of my time, since I did not know where the notes were on the actual guitar. Then in high school, I took a guitar class and I was taught how to read tabs. Tabs are an easy way to play the guitar, and they are especially useful for beginners. Tabs can be simply described as a drawing of the guitar strings on paper. During that class, I was also driven watch some of my classmates, whom knew how to play, and learn from them. Learning to play the piano doesn't have as much variety. I had to either read sheet music or watch someone else play. The only access for me was YouTube, since there is no one close who can teach me. All I had to do was continuously

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