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Gulf by Robert Westall Gulf by Robert Westall is a breathtaking novel seen through the eyes of a boy named Tom. In this story Tom gives a recount of the past events of his life during the Gulf war. In this essay I will be looking closely at Tom’s little brother Andy A.K.A Figgis and how he and his family change during this book. This story revolves around a boy named Figgis who has the strange supernatural ability to look into other people’s lives; in their eyes. The problem starts when Figgis starts to see the life of a small boy soldier in Iraq. The boy named Latif slowly takes over Figgis’ body. Figgis is strange but smart character which makes him very interesting. The thing that makes Figgis slightly different from…show more content…
Ever since they have kept that special relationship. An important thing that the reader learns from the start of this story is that you can still be loved or liked very much no matter how different you can be from other people. During the first few chapters Tom gives the reader several things that build up and prepare them for what is about to happen. The things that help prepare the reader for what happens, is Figgis’ “things”, the obsessions like the “Lolly-stick” “Charlie Mbjumo” and “Bossa”. These are the strange things Figgis foresees taking place. The main thing that prepares the reader for a change in Figgis are the sentences “Until last year, we’d still have called ourselves a typical ordinary English family” and “Every thing was hunky-dory and then it happened” These sentences tell the reader that there is definitely going to change, it is very effective for preparing the reader for a change. In the beginning of the book Figgis is like any other ordinary boy except for his special ability and his “things”. As the book progresses to the point where Figgis has been completely taken over by Latif’ he becomes very tired often and falls asleep during the day. He feels the need to scratch himself even if he is not itchy, starts dropping places in class and his appearance changes making him look scared and jumpy and giving him hot looking eyes. The change in the family is that they start having more

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