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Business to Business Marketing Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation _"The flattening of the corporate organization requires key managers and leaders to travel. These executives are giving all their time and the company is enhancing its investment with improved time of travel using business aircraft,"-_ Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. In today's business scenario, leadership teams are shrinking. That means fewer people make the business happen. High salaries make executives' time cost a major concern - shareholders get mad if the executive gets paid big dollars and he doesn't deliver. The cost of wasted travel time becomes a significant issue. Businesses are penetrating areas where the airlines don't go without taking an extra day to get there.…show more content…
The second most frequent source of business aircraft services is charter flights. Charter is very flexible and can be especially effective in supporting specific purposes. Less connectivity to many emerging markets like eastern Europe renders the commercial flights a highly unlikely mode for the business traveler. Several reputable companies have geared up to meet that need. Global Aviation, based in Singapore, is working closely with China Southern Airways to provide access to 80 destinations within the People's Republic of China. In 1996, Jet Aviation opened full-service facilities in Singapore. Dassault Falcon Jet is also involved in Hong Kong-based charter services that support Pacific rim business travelers. The other main concern about using charter services is the cost. Charter services are usually more expensive than the airlines or the use of comparable business aircraft for a specific trip. However, they are a lot less expensive than owning an aircraft for a hundred hours or so of use per year. The third business aircraft access option is the fastest-growing segment of business aviation: fractional aircraft ownership. Fractional share ownership is what its name implies: You can buy as little as an eighth of an aircraft, with an allocation of 100 passenger hours of use. The costs include the initial capital investment, monthly fixed charges and per-flight-hour charges. In view of the above stated needs of the consumer, the Gulfstream Aerospace plans to

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