Gulliver 's Travels By Jonathan Swift

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A Humbling Inspiration In 1726 author Jonathan Swift published a satirical, narrative entitled Gulliver’s Travels (Davis, Harrison and Johnson 229). Gulliver’s Travels is a novel that has continued to contribute and thrive in both literature and the film genres. Swift uses comical events and extraordinary characters to address moral issues that remain decades later in today’s society. Gulliver’s Travels has since been reproduced in the film industry multiple times, most recently in 2010 (Gulliver 's Travels). Swift’s creative work takes his prideful main character and protagonist, Lemuel Gulliver through many events which leads to his most traumatizing and humbling experience. A minor characters within the text, Don Pedro de Mendez is one of the most influential characters that impacts Gulliver’s traveling experience. Don Pedro de Mendez is a character that helps uplift Gulliver from mild depression and encourages him to embrace who he is while remaining thoughtful of his shortcomings. Don Pedro de Mendez as a minor character contributes to both Gulliver’s life and the theme of the text. Mendez is a Portuguese captain who discoveries Gulliver on an island after his exile by the Houyhnhnm tribe. During Gulliver’s and Mendez’s interactions the readers are introduced to the moral concept of humbleness and how pride can affect one’s perception. Gulliver’s exile from the island of the Houyhnhnm tribe and Yahoos causes him to fall into a great depression, due to his passion
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