Gulliver's Travels: Swift's Opinions Of The English Essay

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After being washed ashore and then falling asleep, Lemuel Gulliver awakens to find himself tied firmly to the ground. In confusion, Gulliver hears noises and feels an object move about on his chest. He looks down and accounts, "I perceived it to be a human creature not six inches high, with a bow and an arrow in his hands and a quiver at his back" (6).

Imaginative stories, such as the one with the small human creature, are parts of the classic piece of literature Gulliver's Travels . The many humorous stories in Gulliver's Travels have appealed to audiences of all ages since the book was written in the early eighteenth century by Jonathan Swift, a political writer (xvii).

Gulliver's Travels is written as Lemuel Gulliver's
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The small immoral Lilliputians represent a part of the English government that Swift opposes. In Part two, Gulliver discovers a race of giants in a place called Brobdingnag. Now, Gulliver appears to be the six inch man, much like the Lilliputians appeared to him. Gulliver, close to death, is rescued by the king and queen of Brobdingnag, and shortly after Gulliver says, "I already found my spirits to revive by the influence of her [majesty's] most august presence" (108). Gulliver lives a life of comfort in the court, where he spends much of his time talking with the king. To the reader, the king seems to be a fair and humane ruler, characteristic of socialistic rulers. In this part of Gulliver's Travels , the Brobdingnagians appear to represent the English people, and many of these people were socialistic during this time. Socialistic people are fair, and their governments are community oriented, much like the Brobdingnagians. The box in which Gulliver lives is one day unexpectedly kidnapped by a bird. This bird drops Gulliver into the sea, where he is later found by an English ship. He returns home, and before long he goes back to sea. In the third part of Gulliver's Travels , Gulliver again becomes stranded. This time, however, Gulliver encounters a flying island called Laputa. The inhabitants of Laputa have one eye turned inward and the one eye turned