Gumamela Petals as Dishwashing Liquid

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Gumamela Petals as Dishwashing Liquid: The Effectiveness of Gumamela Petals in Removing Stains and Grease An Official Requirement in Research II Rico Emmanuel A. Pineda Arnieca Lulu Kim R. Mamayson Jhunaiza C. Santos Researchers Mr. Lucky Sonny A. Ligsanan Research Adviser I. Introduction Washing dishes is one of the major house chores our parents are facing every day. One of hardest part of washing dishes are the tough stains and grease that is all over the common kitchen tools we use in our everyday life. Dishwashing liquid is a great help to minimize the time of removing those tough stains and grease on our kitchen tools and it totally removes all the dirt of common kitchen tools. Imagine yourself washing the…show more content…
Specifically, it will answer the following questions: 1. What element or compound is present in Gumamela petals that can remove stain or grease present in kitchen tools? 2. What process is effective in extracting the solid element or compound in Gumamela without decreasing it? 3. What are the advantages of the product compared to the commercial product sold in the market? Scope and Limitations This research is limited in the production of dishwashing liquid from a specific amount of Gumamela petals and other materials. The ability of the product is only for removing stains and grease in kitchen tools. The product is not said to last as longer as the commercial product because it is all organic and natural but it will be surely useful and essential. The capability of the product will be tested by conducting a survey and a test wherein its effectiveness will be compared with the commercial product. II. Review of Related Literature Gumamela Petals as Dishwashing Liquid: The Effectiveness of Gumamela Petals in Removing Stains and Grease in Common Kitchen Tools Hibiscus; Its Mucilage and Varieties of Color and Shapes Gumamela is actually the common name for Hibiscus, a plant used in a variety of ways by many cultures, including the Philippines. It is also known as Sorrel, Island flowers, China rose, Shoes flower or less widely known as Rose mallow. The flowers are large, conspicuous, trumpet-shaped, and with five or more petals. Gumamela petals

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