Gummy Bear Research Paper

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The Basics of Making Cannabis Gummy Bears By Alfonzo Porter You’ve seen them when you visit your favorite dispensary. Through the corner of your eye you get a glimpse of the assortment of delicious looking edibles now so readily available in the marketplace. The truth is, you no longer have to admire from afar; you can begin making your very own edibles at home. Let’s start with the basics: Gummie Bears. This is what you'll need: 1/2 Cup Cold Water; 1-3 teaspoons of Vegetable Glycerin; Four packets of Gelatin (Unflavored); One package of Jello. (3 Ounces); Cannabis Oil* (Amount is up to you.); Pipette or turkey baster. You will also need some Gummy Bear molds and a good non-stick pot. Be careful as the candy can become extremely sticky when it is liquid form. You will also need about a gram or less of Decarboxylated SHATTER BHO. Be very careful here because this is where the potency comes from. Be mindful that different people have different tolerance levels. Typical cannabis can contain up to 20 percent THC. However, with edibles that number can be much higher.…show more content…
It has an amber, glass-like transparency and some of the highest terpene content of all concentrated extractions. We decided to talk to our private grower in the Colorado area on just how the process was done and just how much shatter could be yielded through a Butane extraction (known as BHO or Butane Hash Oil). The substance contains a vastly higher THC percentage—somewhere between 60-90 percent. Typical marijuana, in its most natural form, only contain anywhere between eight and 20 percent. THC is the substance in marijuana that produces the
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