Gun And Control : The Importance Of Gun Control In Schools

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Imagine being in a place where you are completely defenseless against another person in a school surrounded by many students and teachers where one hardly knows the intentions of others. People can be unpredictable and when one least expects it there is danger right around the corner. Gun control is an issue everybody has an opinion on how it is important, potentially threatening, and present in modern society. While many feel that providing teachers with handguns can lead to a harmful environment. Others feel that having a teacher who has the right state of mind to carry a handgun is better than having a complete stranger or student because no one wants to go to school in fear of a possible attack. By giving teachers firearms this would provide educators and students more security and overall safety. Gun control has been around for years since the Second Amendment was ratified and the people’s opinions have been heightened since, but many don’t realize the casualties that have happened without the use of protection. There has been at least 200 shootings at school in the United States and 156 victims have been injured, as well as 94 people killed. 2.7 million violent crimes take place annually either at school or near schools that leads to school shootings happening due to mentally ill students or civilians (Miller). Everyone is so distracted on how the shooters get a hold of guns, especially when they are students. But, instead of thinking about how they should start thinking about what led them to act aggressively, which 56% of students were found to be involved in “school associated homicide or suicide.” By not thinking or trying to help someone who would like to be treated “normal” many just ignore and move on, this is what leads to many school tragedies, “the Columbine shootings rank as one of the worst mass shootings in US history as well as one of the deadliest episodes of school violence”(CNN). Without knowing the two shooters had already been inside the school placing bombs around the cafeteria, gladly they did not go off. With no clue of what had happen everyone continued act normal, giving the shooters the advantage of going back to their car for the guns. Thirteen innocent people had their
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