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With the rapid progress of the society, the social status of many occupations are fluctuating with epochs’ changing. Personally speaking, I always believe that teachers now have less influence on students than they had in the past.

Firstly, advancing of internet lead to convenient for students to receive informations which are able to influence students’ idea or view more directly. By giving lecture to impart knowledge, teachers’ forms of teaching are always monotonous for students to receive, although they can use projectors or hold some activities in class. By contrast, on the internet, informations appear as not only the forms of documents or articles, but also forms of audio, movies, cartons, computer games, pictures and motion graph. With multitude types of forms, students tend to choose the best way for themselves to understand and remember. Nowadays, it is impossible for us to live without internet, which means internet has already been full of the world, so that it is now affecting every people
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Take one documentary called Bowling For Columbine which talk about gun-bulling as an example. In our English course, my english teacher discussed the gun-bulling happened in Columbine. When she became enthusiastic about depicting the scene, the sense of boring spread over the classroom, because all of us were not able to imagine the scene from her enthusiastic speech. Latter after class, yielded to curiosity, I searched the Columbine gun-bulling on the internet and then one documentary jumped into my sight. In Bowling For Columbine this documentary, the scene of the gun-bulling which was recorded by surveillance camera is shown with the background audio, the emergency phone calls from the crime scene. Infected by the cruel video and
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