Gun Control : A Continuous Problem

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Gun control; a continuous problem in the United States since the late 1700’s. Gun control does not necessarily mean to ban guns, but rather to put a better control on who has access to them. The ongoing issue of whether to keep or eliminate guns has Americans all over the world in distress over an issue that is not impossible to resolve. Gun control is a task that takes a community as a whole to accomplish. No matter how small, every individual’s effort can make a difference. To take control of guns and put a better grasp on who has access to them is not necessarily one for those with more authority.(reword) We live in a society where fear is abundant and safety is desperately desired.Many feel that the right to carry a gun provides them with security and comfort. However, without gun control, our society will be faced with more hardships than expected. With help, Americans could have a controlled system of gun usage without banning them all together. Guns should not be banned as a whole. There are many precautions that can be taken before completely getting rid of all machinery. The first step to controlling the usage of guns would be to limit who has the access to purchase them. This might sound difficult, but it doesn 't have to be. One way is to have a full background check on anyone who is interested in buying a gun before being sold to, insuring that the gun is in good hands. If the buyer rejects the background check that should be an automatic red flag and the…

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