Gun Control, A Real Solution To Gun Violence? Analysis

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Gun Control, A Real Solution to Gun Violence? Analysis of the Film Bowling for Columbine One important issue that has raised over the past two decades is the gun control debate, whether gun control is a real solution to decrease the violence in the country or not. While some groups defend that restricting the laws regarding to gun possession, will decrease the statistics of gun murders in the country, other groups pro-gun rights not only sustain these measures will not make any significant change on those numbers but also, these measures attempt to violate the second amendment which allows people the right to possess arms. Michael Moore’s film Bowling for Columbine approach this issue with a particular point of view, arguing the problem…show more content…
But the larger point Michael Moore tries to explain is, the reason why there are 11,127 deaths by guns in the United States, and in other developed countries, like Canada, are significantly less. He went to the town where the Columbine shooting took place and he found out that near Columbine, in Littleton, there was the Lockheed Martin Corp, the world’s largest weapon maker. He then alludes that maybe the presence of a weapon’s manufactory in the town is somehow connected to the reasons of the shooting in Columbine High School, insinuating the production of weapons in that town probably made the people more susceptible to violence. Continuing on the search for the answer to the high number of deaths by guns in America, Moore presents some of the reasons people taught were the cause of this shooting. At the time, people blamed violent videogames, violent movies, South Park, Punk music, and even, Marylin Manson. Michael Moore discredited all these arguments, claiming all these cultural aspects are present in other countries, like Germany, Canada, or Japan, in the same amount or even more, and they do not have as much violence and deaths by guns like America. Decided to found the answer to this question, Moore examines whether the aspects like poverty or ethnicity (black people population), where significant to this issue. He discarded these aspects, saying that countries, like Canada, had more rates of unemployment than the United States. On the aspect of ethnicity,

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