Gun Control And Drug Control

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Mill’s harm principle of ““One should not interfere with other people’s lives unless those people are doing harm to others” (p.G3), is in other words, if a person do not cause harm to others, there is no reason to prevent his/her actions. Mill’s belives that an individual is the supreme sovereign of his/her own acts. Even when the decisions taken may be some harm upon him/her, the responsibility of these actions is only on the individual.
When it comes to drug legalization, many people think that drugs should be legalized. It would stop drug traffic, its use would be safer, and would be a better drug control under the state and government. Obviously, the harm principle is linked to this opinion due to, “If a person does no one else harm by a moderate drug intake, then he or she should be allowed to continue using drugs” (Rosenstand, 256).
Gun control is another polemic topic. If an individual buy a gun to protect him/herself, apparently do not cause harm to others. But, what about when an individual buy 30 different guns and kill 50 people leaving other 500 wounded? This is the case in the recent shoorting in Las Vegas, Nevada. How is possible for a man to buy 30 guns without any authority interference? These shooting are constantly happened in the United States, a country in which a gun control exists, what would happened if there wasnot a gun control? Of course, Mill’s harm principle fail in its application in this case. Peraphs Mills applied his harm principle only to “adults and in control of his mental faculties” (Rosenstand, 255).
Many people think that to wear a helmet should a personal desition and should be not mandatory. After all, if harm is cause for not wearing a helmet, it will be a personal harm and no a general harm for society, “People have the right to chose their own poison” (Rosenstand, 255).
Certainly, to consume a drug, buy a gun, or wear a helmet are personal decisitions. But pleople should take into account that legalized or not, there are still drug consumers; under control or not, people is still buying guns to harm others; and mandatory or not, people are still driving a bicycle or a motorcycle without wearing a helmet. Then, at the end of the day, as Mill stated, “Over himself,
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