Gun Control And Firearm Safety

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Gun control is a major issue today in the United States. Lately the parties that lean more toward the left have been harping on ‘ARs’ which they mistakenly state as assault rifles, while in fact the proper term is ArmaLite rifle, the company that first developed the style of firearm. All over the country some states are attempting, and in some cases, succeeding to ban high capacity magazines and semi-automatic firearms. These firearms are often used for hunting, target shooting, and self defense. The pressing matter of firearm safety and restriction is because of the recent mass murders in Aurora, CO and Newtown, CT. These are not a cause of lax gun laws, it is a fact that murder, insanity, and violence are embedded into the human nature. The problem is violent criminals, thugs, and murderers roam amongst us. When a pack of wolves surrounds a moose in the wild, no one denies that moose the right to use their hooves and antlers to fend off the predator. There are some politicians in this country that would deny Americans the same right of self defense against criminals. In fact, it is as if the same politicians assume that completely removing the antlers from the moose would simply make the wolves go away. If you make it easier for the predators, you will get more predators. The simple fact is that stricter restrictions on firearms, rifles, and high capacity magazines will only hinder the law abiding citizens here in America. According to FBI Database (2012) there was a
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