Gun Control And Gun Rights

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A social problem is defined as a condition that citizens, or people of a community perceive as being negative or undesirable. There are many different types of social problems such as: poverty, domestic violence, abortion, discrimination, racism, gun control and gun rights. Guns have been a hotly debated topic for decades now. There are many different reasons for why it is such a prevalent issue such as, safety, constitutional rights, self defense, mental health, and many more. The two sides of gun control and gun rights see the social issue differently. One side views guns as a safety hazard that needs to be fixed, and the pro gun side view that guns are a Constitutional right that should not be infringed. No matter what side you are on it is impossible to ignore this problem in our society today.


Gun control and gun rights are both very important and relevant social issues because almost everybody in the USA is affected by it, and also have an opinion about the problems at hand. There are two very different camps in the debate of gun control, on one side are the pro gun advocates that believe that guns are not the issue and the blame lies with people. They also believe that the 2nd Amendment is extremely important and should not be infringed because it insures ones rights to free speech, safety, and protection of a corrupt government. Gun control advocates believe that firearms are dangerous to…

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