Gun Control And The Amendment Of The American Constitution

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The ever existing debate on whether or not American citizens should keep and exercise their right to arm and themselves against tyranny, as it says so within the Second Amendment of the Constitution. While there are those who advocate to keep their guns for safety reasons, there are American citizens who believe guns should be regulated, recorded, and controlled overall within the United States of America, to ensure that certain tragedies, such as school shootings and robberies, do not occur. This paper will argue on the reasoning of why groups are advocating for gun control because of school shootings and other tragedies associated with firearms. This paper will also argue that, while American citizens should not have their firearms regulated because it violates the Second Amendment of the American Constitution, screening for certain medical problems and mental illnesses, as well as background checks into criminal records, should be conducted as a requirement to make a legal purchase. While the citizens of the United States of America should be allowed to own and make use of their firearms, in the case of protecting themselves against harm, there should be a better system in place to ensure that a person does not have a mental illness that could endanger another person if they have access to firearms. This is also the same in the case of a person having a criminal record, such as having a prior conviction as a result of illegally owning a firearm or

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