Gun Control And The Second Amendment Of The Constitution

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““This whole law was written on the backs of children who didn’t die,” he said.”1 Gun Control is a very controversial topic being discussed. Those against new gun control laws have a lot of reasons; however they have one main argument which is the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Gun control is one of the leading factors that go into a campaign. More rules and regulations are not always the answer. There are many examples of places where they have strict rules on the purchase of firearms or even no firearms at all and guns are still used for violence. Foreign countries do not help us here either. The United States gets much criticism from many other countries even though they are not doing much better. However no matter what they say it does nothing to keep people from buying guns for self-defense. Some people are talking about self-defense who is against, and those who support these laws are calling them common sense. These are a few of the reasons for there to be a decrease in gun control; however these are a few of the main arguments. Everywhere gun control is a big deal. It has a major impact on our elections here in the United States. Politicians can use gun control to get votes. “Leading Democratic candidates are aware that endorsing gun control can cost them votes.”2 Gun control policies can also destroy the politicians and their campaign. Voters look at policies of politicians and unfortunately those that are against implementing more gun control
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