Gun Control And The United States

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Gun Control

In the United States, gun control laws are one of the most controversial debates currently. Regularly, there are arguments and outbreaks caused by this topic. Some people believe that gun laws should not be as strict as they are, while others believe that gun laws need to be more strict. A popular argument against more strict gun laws is that guns don’t kill people, people kill people ( As this argument is valid, I strongly disagree with it. It is true that a gun can’t kill a person on it’s own, but the person doing the harm got their hands on a gun, slipping through the law. The fact that multiple people in a negative mental state gets their hands on a gun is unacceptable. People are getting injured constantly due to a firearm getting into the wrong hands. Gun laws need to prevent the possibility of guns getting into the wrong hands, rules need to be increased and gun control needs to become more secure.
The main reasons to obtain a gun is for sport and for home protection. In 2013, a survey showed that around forty eight percent of gun owners own a gun for protection while around thirtytwo percent say they own guns for hunting and other sport activities ( Even though guns may make one feel safer, I think they do more harm than good. There were a total of 43,294 gun incidents this year alone. Out of that, only 1,852 of those incidents were home invasions (gun violence archive). Therefore, keeping a gun for protection in your home does

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