Gun Control And The United States

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Gun control has and will always be a highly debated topic in the United States. There have been several violent tragedies in the past like the ones at Sandy Hook Elementary School, San Bernardino, California and Aurora and Columbine, Colorado involving guns; making this topic an even more highly argued topic. A large segment of American citizens feel these incidents were a direct result of not having stricter gun laws in our country. Many are calling for our government to implement stricter gun laws to ensure that events like these never happen again. Both sides of the aisle are well represented on this topic. One side wants more restrictions on attaining and the use of guns. On the other side, many feel that stricter gun control laws are…show more content…
This makes for one of the clearest pictures yet of American gun ownership, because it shows the concentration of most guns are in the hands of a small fraction of American adults.
Gun violence affects thousands of Americans every year and many innocent lives are forever changed. Having seen the negative affects of gun violence definitely makes me biased towards the gun issues in the United States. This is because experiencing the issue on a personal level changes your view on gun violence. In March of 2017, one of my oldest stepson’s friends had her entire life forever changed because of a tragedy involving domestic issues and a gun. On that fateful Saturday night, she witnessed her parents get into an argument at the dinner table that later moved to the driveway outside. While trying her best to calm her parents down, her father walked over to his truck, retrieved a gun, and shot her mother, taking her life. He then turned the gun on himself, taking his own life as well. This heinous act was done in front of their teenage daughter, my stepson’s friend, all for her to see. This one cowardly act of her father’s changed the lives of her entire family forever. After personally witnessing how this has devastated the lives of an 18, 15, and 10-year old, I feel that stricter gun laws in the United States are something our government should seriously consider.
The Constitution allows us

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