Gun Control And The United States

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In the United States gun control is a big controversy that has been blown out of proportion the last few years. Anything that has to do with guns in the news, reporters say it is the guns fault. Gun control laws are being changed and morphed for the new society that we live in today. What gun control really means is a group of laws to control the selling and use of guns.(1). Statistics have proven that most people want more control on guns. Many surveys have shown that the benefits of gun control in the United States out way the negative effects. Many people do not know enough about guns to get in on the argument, whether gun control is beneficial to the American people or not.
The most important object about gun control are the facts that have been proven. Harsh gun control laws will not work in the United States.(7). Legally owned guns are stolen and used by criminals.(4). If a gun is stolen from a house and used to murder someone, the person who legally owns the gun will get prosecuted. This is why we need more laws that protect the common folk that own guns. Between 2005-2010 1.4 million rifles were stolen from U.S homes.(4).
Gun sales have shot up 40% in the last 5 years.(4). 40% of all gun sales are undocumented private party.(7). Not having a background check when purchasing a gun/firearm can put everyone at risk. If a gun ends up in the wrong hands many lives may be lost. The second amendment was made to protect the rights of militants to own guns, not the right

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