Gun Control And The United States

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Gun control is the term that describes the use of law to limit people access to any kind of guns, rifles, firearm, etc. through passing law that required checking of criminal record background before purchasing a gun to be registered and many other methods. Many people in American have strong feeling about gun control. The victims of gun violence are high in numbers in the United States of America compared with other countries. Every year, Americans have to bear the massive tragedies of shootings like those that happened in the movie theatre in Colorado and in an elementary school in Connecticut. In the United States, there have been many political debates whether guns should be controlled and kept out of certain people’s hands, or if…show more content…
congress banned on the mailing of guns. John Hinckley tries to assassinate president Ronald Regan making gun issue more concern able ; making congress to pass law that restrict armor-piercing bullet and automatic weapon. To be sure gun goes to the right person president Clinton in 1993 signed a Brady bill to take 5-days to reach handgun to the customer. Until 2004 U.S. congress and President Clinton banned on assault-style weapon and semi-automatic weapon. After 2004 some cities banned on weapon replacing federal expired banned. November 30 1993, Brady handgun violence prevention act was establish by rewriting the gun control act of 1968, which imposed buyer to wait five days before seller transfer the handgun to unlicensed individual (The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act).
In the present situation, the US government should pay special attention to save citizens from violent attacks. To prevent the epidemic of gun violence and to bring peace in the country, the president and the members of Congress must pass new gun laws. New gun laws that should be passed would require background checks for all gun sales, ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, make gun trafficking a federal crime, and provide more law enforcement officers.
Gun violence prevention can be possible only if the US government passes a law that is to make compulsory background checks for all gun sales across the country. Gun sales at shops or stores require background checks. However, for
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