Gun Control And The United States

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Gun control is the term that describes the use of law to limit people access to any kind of guns, rifles, firearm, etc. through passing law that required checking of criminal record background before purchasing a gun to be registered and many other methods. Many people in American have strong feeling about gun control. The victims of gun violence are high in numbers in the United States of America compared with other countries. Every year, Americans have to bear the massive tragedies of shootings like those that happened in the movie theatre in Colorado and in an elementary school in Connecticut. In the United States, there have been many political debates whether guns should be controlled and kept out of certain people’s hands, or if the Second Amendment allows every citizen to carry a gun. For instance, recently there was a vote on stricter gun rules that failed in the U.S. Senate. American thinks “right to bear arm” and made law in the second Amendment. In early days of American colonies, ever citizen own guns. European settler make less guns own and from American Revolution to civil war only 1 by 10 of citizen own guns. After American civil war gun ownership increase due to soldier returning to home with the guns. Before early 1900s gun was not the major concern rather gun ownership is supported by second amendment and restrict on the government involvement. Changes occur in 1960s after the assassination of the president John F. Kennedy and the Martin Luther King…

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