Gun Control And The United States

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Introduction to Gun Control The citizens of the United States have enough pride to say that they have the right to carry their rifles and hand guns for self-defense. However, the Second Amendment is not unlimited to the use of all guns. Criminals and people who are mentally ill have found their ways of receiving a gun because of how flawed gun restrictions are in the United States. Because of the loose ends of gun restrictions, public shootings will continue to occur despite the alternative preventions available. The purpose of gun control is to manage the distribution of licensed weapons to people who qualify and have the right to carry a weapon with them for self-defense or sport. Gun control is a controversial problem because of how easy it is for someone to obtain a gun and use it for the wrong purposes, such as murder or suicide. The “right to bear arms” has been flipped and turned around as a way for the people to obtain refiles that should only be licensed to professionals in a field of combat. While it can be argued that citizens have their rights, there should be restrictions for those who will misuse that right so that events such as shootings and massacres can be prevented properly. Gun control is a federal issue that should be addressed logically. Background In 1938, the federal government made the Federal Firearms Act of 1938, making it illegal to sell guns to convicted felons in the United States (e.g., "Congressional," n.d., para. 1). However, this was
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