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More and more frequently, we are saddened by the news of mass shootings. Whether it takes place in a school or public area, these shootings are both disastrous and mortifying. Families begin to feel anger and sadness, and demand immediate justice. Although these terrible events continue to happen, there have been no significant steps taken towards the reduction in the number of weapons; specifically assault rifles. This leads one to question do we need to ban the right to possess such weapons? If the possession of these weapons is not made illegal, we run the risk of another attack. While there is no questioning the severity of these mass shootings, a ban on assault rifles is not the answer because they are not the cause of such events, …show more content…
The bill definitely has good intentions, but the fact of the matter is that these shootings are anomalies. Since 2006, there have only been six cases in which ten or more people were killed in a given shooting (USA Today). Therefore, these are not common events. At less than once per year for the last seven years, it is something that might even go unnoticed had there not been a great deal of news coverage following such events. To add to that, out of the 231 mass killings in the United States in the last seven years, only a mere thirty-two of these cases have been due to guns (USA Today). This means that there are many more important issues than assault rifles when it comes to the prevention of mass shootings. One of the main issues with mass shootings is not the guns but the people who wield the guns. In the United States, less than six percent of people are considered to have “serious” mental disorders (National Institute of Mental Health). Less than one percent of that number would even be at the risk of committing as catastrophic a crime as a mass shooting. This is the type of person who would do such a thing. Again, this is not common at all. We are talking about a handful of people in the whole country, yet news coverage and popular opinion makes it out to be a common event. Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech Massacre killer who murdered 32 people on

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