Gun Control Debate

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Gun Control Debate Paper
Today in the United States gun control is a topic of immense debate, because of the shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary located in Newtown, Connecticut. This most recent tragic event ended the lives of 20 students and six adults. Similar events have occurred across the United States at a movie theater in Colorado, on college campuses in Texas and Virginia, or at the grocery store in Arizona each destroying families in many communities. The questions deserving consideration is have the American people had enough lives destroyed by these horrible events and are Americans ready for the federal government to impose stricter gun control laws. Learning Team C is for stricter gun control laws and will
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In 1994, President William Clinton approved a law called Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. This act poured millions of dollars into law enforcement agencies to take back the American neighborhoods, one block at a time. Currently, President Barack Obama has proposed to Congress a plan improve the control of firearms in addition to opening more access to mental health services. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) a government agency, tasked to investigate and prevent federal offenses centered on the use, manufacturing, and owning of guns and all types of explosives. This department also oversees the licenses, sales, and transportation of any firearm, ammunition or explosive from state to state. In the 20th century, the number of crimes using fully and semi-automatic weapons rose. Two infamous incidents are the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre of 1929 and the other occurred in 1997 when two gunmen engaged in a shootout with police in North Hollywood, California. During this same period organization like the National Rifle Association (NRA), Gun Owners of America (GOA), and Handgun Control, Inc (HCI) were rallying support for an anti-gun control position. In the 21st century as violence increases, pro-gun organizations still oppose the majority of the gun control proposals. According to, the article Gun Control Facts
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