Gun Control Essay

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Many of the nation's issues are the result of the same ethical diversities that attract one to our nation, known as the “land of the free.” Our government leaders and elected officials must take into account these ethical diversities when attempting to address and correct problems that affect one's ability to live peacefully and equally in the United States. There are many issues facing the United States Supreme Court in which the current legislation and political resolves are insufficient; among these issues is simply, gun control. Gun rights advocates fancy that gun control laws go too far. Having said that, supporters of gun control don't believe the government is doing enough to better regulate the distribution of firearms. It is…show more content…
the Passage of the Gun Control Act...restricted handgun sales over state lines” (Federal Gun Legislation Timeline, 2013). Stating that there are restrictions regarding the sale of handguns over state lines does not do enough to actually restrict the sale of firearms over State lines; currently, many citizens purchase firearms from any of the fifty states both legally and illegally. More specifically, Federal Firearm license (FFL) holders are the only ones that can legally process gun sales across state lines; any citizen can purchase a firearm illegally with connections. These laws, specifically this restriction, does not do enough to stop someone from performing vicious acts.
On Sunday, October 1st, 2017, Stephen Paddock open fired on a large crowd of people attending the Harvest Festival near the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. He fired down from his hotel room, taking the lives of 58 people and injuring about 500 more. Investigators found him in possession of about 50 firearms that were purchased from different states; most were with him in the hotel room that he was staying in. It is believed that all weapons owned by Paddock were purchased legally, however, authorities are having trouble tracking down records of one firearm used in the attack. Said firearm is believed to had been purchased from a gun show and later illegally modified to perform like a machine gun; keep in mind that most gun show purchases are
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