Gun Control

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Gun Control Group Project “Guns in America” Gun Control Group Project Opinions In the United States of America, we as citizens have the right to bear arms, provided to us by the second amendment to the U.S. constitution, and are part of the United States Bill of Rights. Most American’s still believe that it is our right to bear arms, while a growing number of Americans believe that there should be better gun control regarding this matter. A rising trend has begun on Capitol Hill and all around the United States, which is to rally for better gun control. Although many tragedies have occurred due to improper gun control, many more have been obviated due to the courage of lawful gun carriers. Do we, as a prosperous nation, give up…show more content…
14. (2. New York Times, 2013) The New gun laws should be to make people responsible for allowing guns to meet the hands of people with mental illnesses. Gun show owners as well as the dealers at these gun shows should fall under federal crime laws for breaking these laws with stricter punishments. The parents, or owners of these guns that fall under the hands of these crazed gunmen should be at fault/ liable, and should also be punished to full extent of the law for being so irresponsible. These actions would save so many innocent lives. This should be the focus of these new gun laws, rather than regulations on guns. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Gun Control: Tragedies Throughout the years since guns have existed in the United States, there have been many mass killings. However, throughout recent years, gun violence has become much more prevalent in school settings. Three of the most well known massacres occurred in Colorado, Virginia, and Connecticut. These three horrific events have become synonymous with the word gun control. On April 20th of the year 1999, two high school students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, went armed into Columbine High School with guns, knives, and a multitude of bombs. The result was the slaughter of twelve students and one teacher. The gunners also turned the guns
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