Gun Control Freedom Essay

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Gun Control: Saving Lives or Restricting Freedom? As you and your family walk through the store, a man dressed all in black walks in and pulls out an assault rifle and starts firing. People fall to the ground including your mother, killed by the raging bullets. You and your surviving family hide, hoping to not be seen by the gunman. By this time the Police arrived, ending the carnage. You were lucky, although others were not. Reports later prove this man was mentally ill and was able to acquire weapons without questioning. How could this of happened to your family and countless other families? The answer is the lack of gun control. Pro Gun Control advocates want guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill, while Anti Gun Control advocates say gun control impedes on the 2nd Amendment. As an American I support the 2nd Amendment, however to an extent. High rate of fire weapons in the hands of criminals and the mentally ill cause massacres. Background checks are needed to stop these murders. Erwin 2 First and foremost these are the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook School shooting. The 20 children ages 6 through 7 and the 6 teachers ages 29 to 56 lives were taken by a man who was mentally ill with an assault weapon. Sadly Sandy Hook wasn’t the end to gun violence in America. Violent acts such that in Orlando, Las Vegas, and most recently in Texas continue to take lives and the question is constantly asked, What is being done to prevent such horrific acts of violence from occurring again? Criminals and the mentally ill get their hands on assault weapons though loopholes and hasty background checks. Tighter laws and restrictions as well as thorough background checks are needed in order to protect innocent people from gun violence. “The background checks has blocked over 3 million firearm sales to prohibited purchasers Erwin 3 (Evertown, Gun Violence by the Numbers)”. That is 3 million less people who may of committed another Sandy Hook massacre. The background checks are proven to work. Moreover gun violence happens everyday in America. “On average 32 people are killed every day from gun violence (Brady Campaign, Key Gun Violence Statistics)”. By the year end the total number of
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