Gun Control Has Always Been A Big Issue In Every Country.

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Gun control has always been a big issue in every country. A lot of people think we should have the right to own guns, while others think that every country should have gun control. Is it a very controversial subject and everyone has a different opinion on what we should do with guns. In this essay, I will demonstrate how I think that gun control should be an obligatory law in every country, especially in a very influential one like the United-States. It has been proven that gun control reduces the number of deaths and that guns are rarely used in self-defence situations.

To begin, the main issue with gun control is that there is an issue of freedom and common good. They are both created so that society would not fall apart. When it
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“14,249 murders were committed in the United States during 2014. Of these, about 68% were committed with the use of a firearm”. (2014 Crime in the United States, Expanded Homicide Data Table 9: Murder Victims by Age by Weapon, 2014. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Criminal Justice Information Services Division, Fall 2015.) This shows that gun control reduces the amount of crimes committed with guns since the government controls the access to these weapons. According to a March 10 2016 Lancet study, “implementing federal universal background checks could reduce firearm deaths by a projected 56.9%; background checks for ammunition purchases could reduce deaths by a projected 80.7%; and gun identification requirements could reduce deaths by a projected 82.5%” (Bindu Kalesan, Matthew E. Mobily, Olivia Keiser, Jeffrey A. Fagan, and Sandro Galea, "Firearm Legislation and Firearm Mortality in the USA: A Cross-Sectional, State-Level Study,", Mar. 10, 2016.) Gun control can also reduce the numbers of suicides. In a country like Canada where there is gun control, it has been proven that the suicide rate dropped after the law was made. “To assess the impact of the 1978 Canadian gun control law on suicide rates in Ontario, the authors [of the study] compared firearm and non-firearm suicide rates for 2965-1977 with those for 1979-1989. There was a decrease in level and trend over time of firearm and total suicide rates and no indication of substitution of
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