Gun Control Is A Fundamental Right

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Firearms is a fundamental right in the Bill of Right which includes in constitution. America has a long conflict history on firearms. Firearms plays a vital role in shaping American history and its culture. The majority of people in the United States owns a gun in their household whether it’s them or someone else in their household. Gun control has been a big issue in the United State and all around the world. There are many cases that federal court have favored guns and they are also protected under our first Ten Amendment in the Constitution. Over the past years there has been many cases linked towards gun controlling and still haven’t progressed. Guns violence has caused lots of threat to the nations ,but people don’t want to change the law. The best way to resolve the gun problem is simply by changing the gun laws so, it will be difficult for people to own firearms. It is also quite easy for criminals to own a gun illegally now. History of gun control Gun control was passed in 1934 to levy new criminal laws and along with gun control “New Deal for Crime” was the first federal gun control law. This law requires all guns dealer to record their document in national registry. In 1938, Roosevelt wins the “national firearm act of 1938”. This act requires all the gun seller to record their sale and prohibit any firearm sale to people with violence crime background. People use guns for many purposes, but guns should only be used for military purpose. Even though the

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