Gun Control Is Not New

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Gun control is not new. It has been an issue here in the United States for years. Ever since the 1970s, politicians, mostly democrats, have been to trying to write and pass laws that will restrict the sale, trade, transportation, manufacturing and possession of certain guns and ammunitions. Guns, such as rifles, assault rifles, revolvers, pistols, submachine guns, and several other guns that are dangerous to the public are guns that the government wants to ban. The reason why has to do with all the mass shootings that have been occurring every year. America is divided into two groups, each with opposing views on whether the government should create laws that allow gun control. People who want several guns and ammunitions to be banned from the public are for gun control. People who are in favor of protecting guns and believe that the people have the right to have any gun are against gun control. There is one other view that is part of the gun control debate, and that is foreigners from outside of America. In order to understand the issue of gun control, one must know the position or view of each of the three sides involved; the first being about people in favor of gun control. As stated in the introduction, people who side with the Democratic Party tend to be in favor of writing and passing laws that allows guns to be controlled in order to protect the people. People who are for gun control believe that most of the crimes committed in cities and towns around the United
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