Gun Control Is The Second Leading Cause Death For Teenagers

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There once was a man named Jimmy. Jimmy was a good guy at heart but, like the majority of people, did not know how to properly handle a gun. He had recently bought a gun and went shooting with his friends even though he did not know how to use a gun. For a little while they were having a blast, then while jimmy was messing around, he pretended to shoot at his friends but accidently pulled the trigger and his friends died. While in shock, Jimmy dropped the gun which fired upon hitting the ground and then Jimmy died. The moral of the story, Guns should be restricted to law enforcement not only because stupid people get themselves killed,but because with less guns there is also less crime, guns cause more bad than good, the current way to legally obtain guns is not working.
In the United States, homicide is the second leading cause of death for teenagers. Most of those deaths are carried out by firearms, especially handguns. In fact, in black male teenagers, homicide is the leading cause of death. The teenage demographic is not the only area that is being affected by gun violence, this problem is also spreading throughout the world. Based on data compiled by Bloomberg, firearm fatalities are expected to exceed traffic fatalities for the first time in 2015 in all demographics. By reducing the amounts of guns that are proliferating in homes and communities, violent and/or mentally unstable individuals have a harder time acquiring firearms.
It is very difficult to know whether the…
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