Gun Control Is Unnecessary

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Gun Control is unnecessary due to the fact so many people get the idea that having less firearms equals less crime. The Idea of gun control needing to be expanded will lead to more harm than good in keeping people safe and reducing gun related crime and lower down crime rate in general. Gun Control is basically the Government’s and the political elite goal of taking guns to make the population less safe. Cities and nations with less firearm restrictions have lower crime rates opposed to cities like Chicago. The History of Gun Control can be traced back to in history all the way back to April 1755 when the British came to take the colonialists guns at Lexington Concord. Then Multiple times throughout history Firearm Control…show more content…
Chicago had handguns banned until June 2010 when the supreme court ended the ban in the case McDonald V.S Chicago (Debate Fact Check: Does Chicago…). The Case McDonald V.S Chicago was a landmark case for the fact it ensured that the Second amendment protected a person’s right to “keep and bear arms”. DNA info mentions that police want tougher gun laws. Stricter gun laws are not a smart idea because Criminals are criminals because they choose to not follow the laws that is the definition of a criminal opposed to an average law abiding citizen. Detroit another city with laws restricting and making it hard to own firearms has a pretty high crime rate. Detroit recorded 310 murders in 2010, 386 in 2012, 298 in 2014, and 302 in 2016 according to city data. This because of Michigan laws that seek to make people not want to get guns and have them of how hard it is to get a gun. Michigan has three very strenuous steps that are required to obtain a gun. Based on a article from the Mic network a person first needs to pass a safety questionnaire. Then they have to apply for a ten-day gun purchase permit, and then the person has up to ten days to take the gun to police. A major flaw to the ten-day permit is person fails to find a gun to purchase in the 10 days they have to start to whole process over. New York City another great example of how strict gun laws are a total flop. According to CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer the statistic that nine out of ten guns used to commit crimes were originally purchased in another state due to the strict gun laws. The amount of murders in New York City in 2010 there were 536,2012 419
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