Gun Control Laws And Better Education On The United States

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December 12, 2012, in Newtown at Sandy Hook Elementary School , more than six adults and twenty children were shoot. On January 14,2013, the campaign "I Demand a Plan” have pop out against gun violence ; nearly one million Americans have signed on to the coalition 's. The incidence of homicides committed with guns in the U.S. is greater than other developed countries. Every day of the year, an average of 33 Americans are killed with guns. The gun violence is violence which committed with use of a gun to committee illegal activities such as homicides or drugs trade . This phenomenon is not only affects guns dealers, but also the security and economic of their society, which make this issue more controversial to be…show more content…
Some children may develop post shock stress anarchy , which can affect brain development. The psychological shock of gun violence may lead them to arm themselves , so that they feel less hesitation about engaging in violent acts ; Violence committed with guns results to significant costs. Report show the estimated that such violence costs the USA $100 billion annually, which included emergency medical care that represent the major contributor to the costs. For instance, a study reveals that average of three injuries were treated in hospital emergency departments occurred by guns. Psychologist James Garbarino, who studies children in the U.S. and internationally, found that individuals who experience violence are prone to mental and other health problems, such as post-shock stress disorder and sleep deprivation. . The effects of gun violence not only affect gun holders, but also lead the child and the society to several drawbacks, which make this issue mandatory to solve immediately. Secondly, many effective strategies have been taken to tackle gun violence in the U.S and attempted to decrease the high rates of death. For example, liberal party have tried to argue that banning guns from civilians is the best way to solve this problem. However, this proposal was not successful to tackle gun violence problem for several reasons; Firs of all, banning would only leave criminals with guns, since they obtain them illegally anyway and law-abiding citizens
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