Gun Control Laws Are Not Focus On The Overall Wellbeing Of The Public

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Abstract The goal of this paper is to make people aware of the excessive forms of control measures which California control laws enforce. The laws need to be changed to loosen the burden on anyone Californian who desire to legally purchase a gun for protection. Buyers are prejudged as potential problems to the community rather than solely on their legal record, merit of good intentions, and right for self-preservation. Law abiding California citizen will continue to be treated as convicted felons and other people with violent past. Thesis California gun control laws are not focus on the overall wellbeing of the public. This current law encourage the people who are commenting crimes. Most legal buyers are prejudged as a potential threat; prior to purchasing a gun, rather than on their proper paperwork and qualifications. During this process criminals are still obtaining weapons illegally and using them. The laws which prevent personal protection with a gun most be changed in order to control and deter the increasing threat from predators. California (CA) gun control laws should be revised to provide every CA law abiding person a fair opportunity to purchase and possess firearm for protection. Law aiding citizens who desire self-protection are the ones being wronged. Most criminals do not walk in a store and attempt to purchase a weapon by legally registering for sell and ownership. Many petitions and proposals to legislature have to present to address the

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