Gun Control Laws On America

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Many activist think that they could control the gun violence in America, just by taking away weapons from the people and making new laws. What they don’t know is that there are many loopholes in the laws that they make so peoples find ways to get guns. We already have gun control laws from back then. the government just passed more laws instead of enforcing the laws that we already. ”The activists pass more and more laws thinking that the more laws we have the better they would be enforced.” (Drake) They banning all sorts of guns and doing a whole bunch of other useless things. the guns have been in america 's history for hundreds of years and they are just now making newer laws that causes them to ban guns. The percentage of people supporting the gun control laws went up by eight percent. The guns have been in america for hundreds of years and the gun control and restriction laws have been very slowly taking out the guns in america. A little more than half of the americans are mad about the new gun control laws and it is like every other month they are coming out with new ones. They say that it is way more important to protect the rights for american gun ownership. “The second amendment almost guarantees the way to defend the americans.” (Millhiser) “Today lots of citizens see the rights to bear arms is an important means of their self defense.” (Anonymous) Americans think that the semiautomatic firearms are the type of gun that should be banned. “Half of the americans
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