Gun Control Laws Essay

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Many government officials believe it is their right to control the use of firearms in our country. Many civilians believe it is their right to bear arms to protect themselves and their families. This has been a very controversial issue over the past recent years. Especially since Barack Obama was inaugurated. Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting really set a fire underneath the feet of liberals to secure more gun control laws. Is it really effective to take away guns from law abiding citizens? What about the gun running by the gangs and cartel? Who will take their guns away? Will the ATF? It’s nearly impossible to completely shut down organized crime such as the cartel. When guns are taken away from people who possess them merely to…show more content…
Tell me Mr. President, if you were not in office and didn’t have the secret service following you around how would you protect your family? Imagine a burglar braking into your home in the middle of the night with your children fast asleep in their rooms, who would save your family Sir? Would you wait for 911 to arrive? Would you even have time to reach the phone? The fact is in most cases when a burglar breaks into your home with the knowledge you are there, they aren’t there just to steel your possessions. Maybe they have taken a twisted interest in your wife or your daughter. What father could live through watching his wife and child take the abuse from a complete stranger? What kind of scars would that leave your family? How many times have you heard people say “Guns kill people?” What kind of sense does that make? We could sit here all day and list all of the items used as murder weapons in the history of mankind such as knives; human hands; blunt objects and exedra. That’s the same as saying a spoon makes a person overweight. A gun is only a tool like any other tool, such as a hammer or a screw driver, in the hands of the right person can be useful in many ways. In the hands of the wrong person, a gun could do a lot of damage. For example, the statistics in 2009 for weapon of choice used during a violent crime are as follows: Weapon Use by Offense Type Summary Findings The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)

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