Gun Control Laws Should Be Enforced

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One of the most controversial topics today is gun control. In the month of November, 2016, American citizens will vote for the issue of gun and ammunition control. Pro and anti-gun supporters have very different opinions on the issue of guns. According to news article Vice, over the past year, there have been 159 mass shootings in the U.S. It is now up to U.S citizens to decide whether gun laws should be enforced or not. A writer from USA Today, Robert Farago is opposed to gun control laws and on the other hand, author Phoebe Malts Bovy from New Republic is pro-gun control laws. These authors use ethos, pathos, and logos to persuade Americans to either support gun control laws or ban them.
There are many Americans who are opposed and many who are for the control of firearms. Robert Farago is an author and publisher of, in his article, “Gun control is not the answer: Opposing view”, he states that gun control laws won’t stop criminals from committing mass shooting or other crimes. Farago gives an example of how president Obama created more gun control laws but he goes on to saying that with or without laws, criminals are still going to shoot or rob innocent people. He also gives reasons on how a law cannot prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands. The main idea of this article is to persuade and inform American citizens that with or without gun control laws, crimes will keep occurring. Farago has a strong belief that gun control acts will not

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