Gun Control Must Reduce Violent Crime

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April 15, 2015 Logan Square Chicago, IL an Uber driver who was a concealed carry licensed holder shoots and wounded 22 year old Everardo Custodio, who opened fire on a crowd of people preventing mass casualties, according to the Chicago Tribune. In Philadelphia earlier this year, Warren Edwards was confronted by a concealed-carry permit holder. Edwards “opened fire on customers and barbers at the barber shop… I guess he [the man who shot the shooter] saved a lot of people in there”, said police captain (The Washington Post, 2015). There are much more incidents relating to the ones mentioned above, but news media fails to promote such events. They would much rather exploits stories like the Columbine or Virginia Tech school shootings. Therefore, gun control has been at the center of our country’s debate for many years. The two strong positions on gun control go as follow: The pro-gun control lawmakers believe that stricter or possibly placing a ban on gun laws would reduce violent crime. We all know that a criminal, who cannot buy guns, will steal, borrow or obtain it via other means. The anti-gun control feel that stricter or banning guns is not a solution to solve crimes; rather it put American citizens in vunerable position where they cannot defend themselves. A report from crime in America where the statistic is obtained from the FBI preliminary report, the analysis of the FBI crime statistics found that states with CWP (concealed weapon permits) have reduced the rate in

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