Gun Control Of The United States

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Since ancient times a gun has been a tool created for the purpose of killing people, but now people used guns for protection. But the main purpose of a firearm remains, the purpose of to killing people. The government in America has created laws for the use of guns, but not all people follow them. Gun ownership is the most basic American right and also one of the most contentious social and political issues of now a days. There are almost 300 million of private-owned firearms in the US, in this nation there is almost one gun for every man, woman and child in America. The third part of America’s the population owned at least one gun. Many of these firearms were bought with home protection in mind, which makes sense because most of the owners buy guns to protect their families but most of them end up destroying it: in the right circumstances, a gun can be the first and most effective option line of defense against intruders and criminals. Guns have been invented for their used in wars and battles as an advantage. Since the first fire arm, guns have been progressing to the point that now is a very dangerous object to own. Now in America 85 million of people own a gun. 60% of the people in America purchase a gun for the protection of their families or properties. America owns 46% of the world’s firearms (300 million of guns). Now getting a gun is easy, guns are sell everywhere even at Walmart, American have the easiest access to guns in the world. 2 of 5 guns are selling without

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