Gun Control, Or Firearm Regulation, Can Be Defined As The

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Gun control, or firearm regulation, can be defined as the set of laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of firearms by civilians. In America and countries across the world, the distribution and legalization of guns and gun related products has created great controversy in contemporary politics. The purpose of the debate being an attempt to find the middle area between constituent safety and rights of civilians to own or protect themselves. Both sides of the debate have their advantages and disadvantages. The question that arises is does gun control legislation actually protect the constituency rather than just take away rights? To better understand the importance of gun control…show more content…
When speaking on the polling results following the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting Woznick’s figures pointed to: “There was a spike in support for making firearms laws stricter in December 2012, which suggests that the Sandy Hook shooting may have increased public support for gun control. However, within a year, that spike in support regressed to the steady, average level of support seen throughout the 2000s.” (Wozniak “Public Opinion about Gun Control Post- Sandy Hook”) It turns out American’s really enjoy their 2nd amendment right. A more recent Gallup public opinion poll on “American Public Opinion and Guns” concluded that 31 percent of Americans found that stricter gun laws would not reduce number of mass shootings in the U.S. as opposed to 19 percent who thought it would have a great affect. Whether the public is right, wrong, or indifferent on a particular topic or debate, it is imperative that their voice is hear by all of government in order to maintain a healthy democracy. Numerous worldwide figures and studies attest to the fact that gun control does in fact save lives. The South African Medical Journal published a study on gun control titled “Gun Control saves lives”. In the year 2000, Africa passed the “Fire Arms Control Act”. At the time the act was put in as law, homicide rates were estimated at 67

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