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Gun control Is the way the government regulates guns safe? “In the first seven years of the Iraq war, 4,400 soldiers were killed. Almost as many civilians are killed with guns in the U.S every month,” (Ruben, Alan). It nearly sounds impossible how 2,555 days of war amounts to 30 days of a living environment in America. Guns should only be able to be purchased in stores and not locally because they cannot be given to irresponsible or dangerous people, easier to enforce background checks, and this would be a great substitute instead of banning guns. Guns should only be able to be purchased in stores and not locally because they cannot be given to dangerous or irresponsible people. The national rifle association (NRA) only suggests severe…show more content…
If keeping guns out of the wrong hands is the one of the primary goals of the gun control policy, why is that unlicensed sellers can sell a gun to a person without a background check. If a convict really wanted a gun couldn’t he just go to a gun show to purchase one? So that basically nullifies the Brady Act and is a reason why irresponsible and dangerous people get a hold of guns. “State or local authorities could require that all sales made by private individuals at gun shows be reported to local law enforcement agencies on a standardized form.” (Rand, Kristen). Rand had a great solution to this standardized form, but I don’t think even that’s stricter enough because they can still sell it online. Guns should only be sold in stores, and that’s the only way they should be sold. Unlicensed sellers don’t have requirements to meet, or anyone enforcing rules on them when selling guns (Rand, Kristen). “Gun possession by ordinary citizens is not a problem” (Kates, Don B., Jr.), and I agree with this Statement, so I say responsible, safe, and ordinary citizens should have a right to bear arms, but they shouldn’t have a right in selling them to other people. A solution to this is to sell them to gun stores, yes you might not get as much money, but you also know that the gun you sell isn’t going to be used in a mass murder shooting. Guns should be sold

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