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Gun Control My response to this comment is that it is based on facts that have been misused and only represents one side of a story that is multifaceted. Many recent studies have shown that gun control is needed in a society like ours today and helps to curb all types of gun related fatalities not just homicides. In Canada, over 3000 firearms are stolen annually. Gun control is needed to be able to trace the usage of guns and the hands they fall into. Many stolen guns are used in violent crimes and are easier to trace when they have been registered; registration has been proven to tie some criminals to their crimes. Studies in Toronto and Edmonton have also showed that a large percentage of…show more content…
Lax gun control laws have also been tied to higher suicide rates and impulsive crimes around the around the world. This is because when guns are readily available impulsive acts such as suicide are easier to partake in. Escalating arguments can also turn deadly in the blink of eye when guns are readily available and at a person's disposal. Many anti-gun control advocates argue that gun control takes guns away from law abiding citizens and leaves them unprotected to heinous criminals who do not comply with the law. If this statement held value, it would allow for an all out warfare. People would end up shooting at each other in defense and create shootouts. Secondly, many guns that are kept in houses as a means of defense end up doing more harm than good. It has been shown that children who live in houses with guns have a higher chance of accidental death by gunshot than those who do not. In areas without gun control it easier for a highschooler to buy ammunition than to buy cigarettes, that to me is disturbing. In previous generations gun control may have not been necessary. In today's society however, there is a prevalent lack of respect for the value of a human life and guns that are readily available add fuel to the already out of control flames. Lastly, gun control does nothing but protect the public. Many Canadian citizens are in favor of it because they have seen

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