Gun Control Essay

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Gun Control

Statistics on an issue such as gun control are not hard to come by. The numbers seem to sway in the favor of gun control being ineffective against the epidemic of gun violence that is facing this nation today. There is evidence to support that many guns used for illegal activities are obtained by illegal means anyway, making laws to restrict the purchase of said guns ineffective at keeping firearms out of criminals hands. Evidence also supports the statements that guns are used in defense more often than not, that the age old statistic that “13” children die each day by guns is inaccurate, and that there are numbers that show the direct relationship between the loosening of gun laws and the lowering of the crime rate.
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Violent crimes fell in nine out of the ten.
(source 3)

-45% of 4,000 recent arrestees in 11 cities in 1995 reported having obtained their guns through

the illegal firearms market (source 4)

-Despite Chicago’s 1982 ban on every type of gun, except shotguns and rifles, and the fact that it

has some of the most strict gun laws in the nation, it also boasts the highest number of murders in

the country, including New York, with nearly three times the population. (Source 3)

**: refers to John R. Lott Jr., a professor at the University of Chicago School of Law, and author of More Guns, Less Crime” Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws.

E.) The anecdotal evidence of this problem make it clear that those in favor of gun control laws are only hurting those who go by the rules, those who abide by the law.

-an 81 year old man named Bruno Kosinski. He was approached and attacked by two teenagers. They shoved him to the ground (pavement), sprayed him with pepper spray, and ripped his wallet from his pants. He rose to his feet, and heard a kid demanding more money. Kosinski ripped open his vest, pulled out a 38.-caliber snub nose revolver and squeezed the trigger. Kosinski escaped harm because he was carrying a concealed weapon, a felony in his home of Chicago. Nevertheless, it seems understandable that the local police commended Kosinski as a hero. Asked what a

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