Gun Control Personal Dilemmas

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I’m writing to you today as a concerned citizen of district four. I have recently been looking into different views and perspectives on gun violence, and ways to help solve the issue in the United States without having it limit citizen’s right to bear arms. After the shooting in Las Vegas in early October where almost sixty people were left dead and five hundred others were injured, I was questioning the current policies and views of gun control in America (Times 2017). Some people believe that as a country we should prohibit the right of people to have their own weaponry, however, I feel like that is very unfair for those that go through all of the cautious steps to owning a firearm. Others believe that no matter what is done the outcome will not actually help us as a nation, and that there will forever be instances where mass shootings like Las Vegas’s will occur. Overall, I was looking for a way to help find a solution to limit the outburst of gun violence without limiting the rights of citizens. While reading your views I completely agree with your stance that there should be more background checks on individuals who want to obtain firearms and that there should be a way to allow law abiding citizens their rights to guns (Price). I was hoping to explain to you a few different ideas I have thought about to help allow people their right to bear arms but also make it safer for everyone at the same time. One thing is that I feel like there should be different types of
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