Gun Control Persuasive Essay

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Tighter Gun Control Once again the topic of gun control has risen due to the most recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, which was the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history. This shooting resulted in the loss of 58 innocent lives and the harm to more than 500 others. As we can see, these events are happening far too often and we must make a change soon. While this Letter to the Editor gives me a place to express my concern on this issue, I will also use Facebook and Twitter to reach as many viewers as possible. I believe that Twitter will be more effective in having my voice be heard because of the ability to use hashtags and the millions of active users they have. The New York Times 620 8th Avenue New York, NY, 10018 Dear Editor: I am…show more content…
There is never a logical time for someone to use it so what is the need for it. Hunters don’t go out into the woods with machine guns to hunt their prey. If they did they would have far too many bullets in the animal to have to remove. Having these military style weapons on the market is just asking for tragedy. One of the military surgeons that helped treat victims of the Las Vegas shooting claims “These were definitely injuries you would see in a war zone” (Craig 1). This is the result of selling these military-style weapons. A war on our homeland against our very own people. We need more people to start speaking out on this issue because the more people that speak out the more our voice will be heard. I understand that it’s our second amendment right to bear arms but at the same time I believe that everyone’s right to life is more important than someone’s right to bear arms. You can’t argue that. It’s not that we are trying to get rid of all guns but we want to make it harder for people who shouldn’t have them, to obtain them because the less guns there are the less shootings there will be. With enough people on our side I believe we can fix this problem and make our country a safer place for everyone. Sincerely, Connor Rogers My Letter to the Editor states that the accessibility to guns, especially military-style weapons is very concerning, not to mention the fact that you

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