Gun Control Portrayal Analysis

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Gun control has been debated in American History for decades yet it still persists today. We need to take a step back as a nation and examine the driving force behind gun control and gun violence in America. This is becoming a serious problem, because every mass shooting takes more lives. The government continues to sit at a standstill with regard to gun control. The Republicans have no desire to restrict Americans’ second amendment right to bear arms. However, Democrats don’t intend to take away an American’s right, they seek to limit and remove high caliber guns from the market. Americans are on different sides when it comes to gun control, but there are those who try to push their opinions in different forms. American culture is and always has been represented through political cartoons. They can say a lot about the illustrator’s viewpoints and how they are representative of America through color and context. The political cartoon I chose was on gun control or the lack thereof. The cartoon is of a man standing behind a counter of a store called “GOP GUNS and GORE” and the sign says that this store is opened 24/7. The man behind the counter is handing another man a gun with a black shirt that says “kill.” The salesman is saying, “You're on the federal watchlist. But we still want you to have this.” The man is standing behind a sign that says, “Terrorists, please form single line.” There are men that stand on said line. All around the store there are signs on the wall
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